This tutorial covers how to use Simulink to program a Zumo Robot powered by an Arduino Uno. This guide will walk you through the steps to move a Zumo Robot along a specific trajectory.

Here are the specific steps to get there:

  1. Install Simulink Support package for Arduino
  2. Download the Zumo Robot Library for Simulink
  3. Create a Simulink Model move the Zumo Robot
  4. Build and download the model to see the robot in action

The tutorial is a second in a series on using Arduino with Simulink. For a quick introduction to Simulink, refer to Set up and Blink - Simulink with Arduino tutorial. While this tutorial uses the Zumo Robot,a similar Simulink model and the same workflow can be used to control any robot that uses a Simulink supported Arduino board

Last updated on Nov 23, 2015 Published on May 12, 2014