In this project we'll build the legendary Zelda Master Sword! This light up sword is motion activated, so you can shoot blasts with lights and sound effects. 

You can battle to hear random clash sounds or aim to blast enemies with ease! 

This Master Sword is fully 3D Printed! NeoPixel LED Strips and the Adafruit PropMaker Feather Wing animate colors and plays sound effects!

You can recharge the battery or even add new sounds with the USB port. The sword mounts on a computer, just like a USB Drive! 

Watch 3D Hangout for 1+hr of live demo, guide walkthrough and more!

Add new LED animations or program new motions to create custom actions. All the code and libraries live right on the device, so no need to install any programs to edit your code!

The PropMaker and Feather M4 Express make it easy to add more buttons, sensors or even a 3 watt LED!

The sword prints in parts and is adhered together. Components are installed in the handle, LED strips line the middle of the blade to create a beautifully diffused blade!

Designed by Garrett Kearney of CHAOS CORE TECH, its open to edit!

We modified the blade to allow it to swing easier and to cut down to the length of the LEDs.

We even made a smaller blade for children! 


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