Press Fit Speaker Holder

The speaker ring part fits into the cutout on the BrainTube-Case part.

Speaker Grill

Fit the Speaker-Grill part into the Speaker-Cone part.

Add Raspberry Pi to Case

Place the Pi over the standoffs and align the board with the port openings on the case. 


Solder the speaker wires to the JST female connector. Use heat shrink to insulate the connections 

Screen Case

The front cover is fitted over the HAT with the speaker cable fitted through the slit on the HDMI port opening.

Add gaffers tape or kapton tape to insulate the speaker magnet. The Speaker press fits into the ring.

Align the speaker cone over the speaker wires and then press fit over the speaker.

Optional Tripod Install

Use three M3x8 screws and a 3/8" to 1/4" Adapter Screw to attach any tripod compatible mount.

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