Sound clips have been trimmed and edited from the following free audio files:

If you'd like to add or update the sounds on your soundboard, more audio clips can be downloaded from sites like or

You will need to convert the files to the appropriate format for microcontroller use. See this guide on how to do that.

When you have a file converted, you can name it like the files in the xmas directory. For example, say you downloaded a clip and you wanted it to be activated on the second row, end key. That is the 16th key counting from upper left. Rename 16.wav to 16-old.wav and name your clip 16.wav and copy it into the xmas folder on the CIRCUITPY drive. Now your sound will play when that button is pressed. Note for keys 1 to 9, add a leading zero, like 01.wav02.wav, etc. so all filenames are two digits.

No Mix & Match on mono and stereo files, please.

Make sure your audio files are exported as 16-bit PCM WAV at 22,050 Hz and they are all Stereo or all Mono -no mix and match!

This guide was first published on Nov 26, 2018. It was last updated on Jul 25, 2024.

This page (Sound Customization) was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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