Access Port

Start by using a pencil to trace the outline of the square you'll cut in the front of the bucket.

Use a sharp hobby knife to *carefully* puncture the plastic and cut out a section large enough for the candy receptacle to fit through. 

Check that everything will align correctly.

If you don't have an X-acto knife, the 3D printed handle used here can be found on Thingiverse and pairs well with standard utility knife blades to make an excellent hobby knife.

Candy Receptacle

Cut off the end of a cardboard tube, about 1" tall. A paper towel tube works great for this purpose.

Trace outline of the tube on a piece of thin cardboard. Cut around this circle. 

Glue this circular piece of cardboard to the end of the tube.


Now it's time to attach the tube to our micro servo motor. This will enable the receptacle to flip upside down inside the bucket, depositing its candy inside.

Glue servo arm to the edge of the cardboard tube using plenty of hot glue.

Xenomorph Makeup

Using spray paint or a paint brush, paint the candy receptacle silver.

Add the outline of teeth with a dark permanent marker, matching the teeth on the bucket as closely as you can.

Once you're satisfied with the look, press the candy receptacle firmly onto the servo horn, and use some electrical tape (or black paint) to cover up the servo motor.

Install Linear Actuator

Use double-sided tape to secure the linear actuator system inside the bucket, or use the holes provided in the linear actuator base to use two bolts to hold it firmly in place.

Cable management is important! Use tape or twist-ties to keep all your wires tidy. Black electrical tape works well, and also looks great.

Alien Drool

As a final touch, you can use hot glue around the mouth to add some attractive-looking Xenomorph spittle. 

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This page (Xenomorph Modification) was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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