The 3D files for the linear actuator used in this project can be downloaded by clicking the button below.

This design for this project is based off of the Large Linear Servo Actuator published by potentprintables.


Slimmed down and with some mounting holes added to the base.

Once the supports are removed, your bracket should look like this.

Some sandpaper may be useful to smooth out the slot where the extender arm will fit.

Extender arm

Revised to extend to 215mm.

The extender arm should be printed with high infill to give it strength. If your slicer allows, printing with a negative dimensional adjustment (-0.02mm or -0.04mm) will help it slide smoothly in the bracket.

Drive Gear

Install the circular servo motor attachment inside the drive gear.

A little bit of super glue or E6000 glue works well for this.

Once smoothed and assembled, your linear servo actuator assembly should look like this.

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