CNC Milling Enclosures

In this project, I wanted to make a case for the Raspberry Pi 3. I milled the two halves of the case out of hard wood (oak and maple). I came up with this "face plate" concept to avoid overhangs since 3-Axis CNC mills can't do them. Instead of cutting large openings, I made holes to expose the various connectors. The cutout in the top halve of the case is for an acrylic piece so you can see into the case – sorta like a window. The Raspberry Pi itself is secured to the bottom half of the case with 4 machine screws. I added an inner lip to the top half of the case so the two halves can fit together without having to use any screws.


My goal for this project was to gain some more experience with CAM tools, so this was a good exercise. I learned how to work around the limitations and tools.

Parts & Tools List

Most of the parts used in this project are for the Othermill Pro. I sourced the materials through various online relators (amazon, inventables and local hardware store).

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