The wiring for this project is fairly simple, since all the sensors are already built into the Circuit Playground.  All we need to do is add more lights.

Two strips of skinny neopixels are both soldered to pin 6 -- they'll be mirroring each other on each side of the bracer to light up the acrylic.  Be sure to solder to the "in" end of the neopixel strip.  Connect IN to pin 6, + to VBATT and - to GND.

We'll use the same VBATT and GND pin on the Circuit Playground to connect two additional individual neopixels, using pin 12 for data.  These will be placed randomly near the wrist to add even more bullet-blocking glitter.  

Notice that you'll be twisting 3 wires together to go into G and 3 wires to go into VBATT.  Pin 6 has just one wire and pin 12 has two.

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