Press the RIGHT button on Circuit Playground for AUTO mode -- LEDs are then ON most of the time, best for photographing one's get-up.

Press the LEFT button for DEFLECT mode -- LEDs are off until a loud sound or fast movement are detected. Pew pew! Deflect bullets!  Triumph not with fists or firepower, but with love!

Calibrating for Sensitivity

Once your bracers are finished, put them on try out your Amazon high-blocks.  Test for the ideal motion and sound needed to trigger the animation purposefully.  

Look for these lines in the code:

// SOUND REACTIVE SETUP --------------
// Higher number = less sensitive (louder sound required to trigger)
#define SOUND_THRESHOLD 200 // Range 0 to 341

// MOTION REACTIVE SETUP --------------
// Higher number = less sensitive (faster acceleration required to trigger)
#define G_THRESHOLD 3.0 // Range 1.0 to 8.0 G's

Play with adjusting the numbers up and down until the bracers react the way you want.  Convention halls and events have a very high noise threshold.  Be sure to try them out in various different environments so they only trigger when you want them to.

It helps to have a henchman minion assistant who can make sounds for you at a bit of a distance, since the microphone is pretty sensitive to proximity.  This means that any tribal Amazon screams you make will be quite likely to set them off, but I count that as a win.

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