In my zeal to make the body frame strong, I ran out of white pipe cleaners. Remember, we are going to cover all this with a layer of felt.

No big!

Use the same framing technique on the head as you used on the body.

Reference drawings can be helpful, but only if you measure every now-and-again to make sure you are on target.

Serviceability is a good thing to keep in mind... if something breaks, how hard will it be to fix?

A good example, would be adding a speaker grill if you don't have one - making it much more difficult to puncture the delicate cone.

Use enough hot-glue to mount components securely... somewhere between temporary and permanent.

And... a little more generous on components that vibrate!

Use some more hot-glue to affix the upper neck flange to the head-plate. Glue the 12mm dowel into that flange keeping it perpendicular to the base and centered (roughly) within the neck.

This is my favorite stage of a project, where personality starts to emerge!

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