The Temboo service has moved away from Arduino support. The service access in this older guide will no longer work.
Before we can build exciting applications with our hardware, we need to setup some accounts on the web services we are going to use.

The first one is Temboo, where you will need to have an account. Temboo will basically make the interface between the Arduino Yun and Dropbox. Just go over to:

You will be prompted to create an account, and then your first app. Write down the name of your account, the name of the app and your app API key, you will need them later. There is also one more thing you need from the Temboo website: the Temboo Python SDK, that we will use later to upload pictures on Dropbox. You can get it at:

Once downloaded, simply extract the folder on the microSD card. Then, you need a Dropbox account. Go over to the Dropbox website to do so:

Once the account is created, you need to create an App so the Yun can upload pictures to your Dropbox folder. To create an app, you need to go to the developers section of Dropbox:

Then, click on “Create app”, and choose which type of app you want to create (Dropbox API app for our project):

Then, select "Files and datastores":
What you need to get now is all the keys relative to your Dropbox app, so you can enter them later in the software of our project. You will need the App Key and App Secret at this point, which are displayed on the same page as your app.

The next data we need to get is the Token Key & Token Secret key. To get them, the first step is to go to the InitialiseOAuth Choreo on the Temboo website:

Here, you will need to enter the App Key and App Secret. That will generate some additional information, like a callback ID, and a temporary token secret. You'll also be asked to visit a link to Dropbox to confirm the authentification. Finally, go to the FinalizeOAuth page to finish the process. You'll be asked to enter your App Key, App Secret, callback ID and temporary token secret:

After that step, you'll be given your final Token Key and Token Secret. Write them down, you'll need them later.

You will also need to have a Google account to stream videos on Youtube. Simply create one at:

This guide was first published on Mar 31, 2014. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

This page (Setting up your Temboo & Dropbox accounts) was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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