Model Modifications

Some models will benefit from a bit of modification. In this example, the Razor Crest tabletop gaming miniature (painted by the talented and lovely Brian Kesinger) has two thrusters that would look great with some added glow.

Disassembly Thruster

Pulling apart the thruster reveals a nice location to add an LED.

Add Light Hole

Use a small, sharp tool to make a small hole in the thruster nozzle for the light to emit.

Use a small piece of Uglu or Glu Dot adhesive to affix the LED to the inside of the nozzle.

When using hobby knives and similar, you should wear eye protection and take care not to cut oneself or others.

Modify Model

A small hobby knife will make quick work of small bits of plastic that need to be removed for the nozzle to fit back onto the thruster engine body.

Repeat this process for the second engine, and then reattach them to the ship.

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