You can create great-looking scenes by lighting translucent plastic construction bricks based on Hilary Page's Self-Locking Building Bricks design, such as Mega Bloks, Best-Lock, BanBao, and, oh, what's that Danish company again? Oh, yeah, LEGO.

Inductive LEDs are a great alternative to existing brick lighting methods, since they require neither batteries nor wires, so you can really get them into small places!

The smaller LEDs from the 5V inductive LED kit fit nicely inside of the standard LEGO-compatible brick tube. The larger LEDs from the 24V inductive LED kit only fit in larger spaces of some bricks. Both types of LED work with both coil sizes.

Embedded LEDs

Simply drop some of the smaller LEDs into the tube or spaces in a translucent brick, then cap off the bottom with a plate as shown.

With a pair of coils you can light up the bricks in most positions and orientations.



Brick Fiction

A mix of small and large LEDs is use here to create this scene inspired by Pulp Fiction. Note the smaller LEDs in lighting fixtures, while two large LEDs are used to give Vincent's briefcase its distinctive glow as Jule's watches from a slightly safer distance.

The pair of coils allows for coverage of a large volume of induction space.

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