You can build a version of the maracas using plastic baubles, a cardboard tube and some washi tape. Technically it does not need to be washi tape, but washi tape comes in fun prints and colors that can spice up the build.

Wrap the cardboard tube with the washi tape so that it is completely covered.

Insert the coil and wireless LEDs into one of the bauble halves. Secure the coil with a small piece of washi tape.

Hold the bauble halves closed gently with a small gap for the coil leads. The coil leads will be sticking out from the bauble so it will not close completely.

Insert the coil's wires into the cardboard tube. Use two pieces of washi tape on each of the bauble's seams to join the bauble to the tube and keep it closed.

Fully secure the bauble to the cardboard tube with pieces of washi tape around the top edge of the tube.

Plug the battery pack into the coil's JST-PH socket.

Insert the battery pack and wires into the cardboard tube.

Now you're ready to make some noise!

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