The 3D printed version of the maracas uses magnets to hold the two halves together.

Insert the magnets into the three magnet slots on the maraca half. You may want to add a dab of glue to the slots if your tolerances are loose.

To ensure that the other maraca's magnets are a matching polarity, attach magnets to the slotted magnets. Mark the side of the magnet that is facing up with a marker.

Make sure to check your magnet polarity before securing

Secure the marked magnets into the other half of the maraca. Make sure to insert the marked side of the magnet facing down in the slots.

Slide the coil's wires under the maraca's center magnet slot.

Press fit the coil into the dome's lip.

Plug the battery pack into the coil's JST-PH plug.

Slot the battery pack in to the handle's cutout. The wires will fit into the handle.

Insert the wireless LEDs into the maraca dome.

Attach the other half of the maraca with the magnets and you're ready to shake!

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