Wireless LEDs look magical but what do they sound like? In this project, you'll build some maracas with the wireless LEDs acting as both the visual and aural component. You can use them as a fun prop at a concert or add them to your experimental, DIY percussion instrument collection.

The coil sits in the center of the maraca vertically so that the wireless LEDs are always lit.

There are two options for assembly. The first is to use a plastic bauble with a cardboard tube. Since the plastic is clear, you can see the LEDs perfectly. The battery pack also fits nicely inside the tube.

The second is a 3D printed case that closes with magnets. You can print it with transparent filament for a diffused lighting effect.



Video of a white woman holding ten bare LEDs in her hand. She slides her hand over an inductive charger, lighting up the ten small LEDs.
Adding LEDs to anything makes it 5x better -- it's a scientific fact! But when you have LEDs, you've got wires and power supplies and all that stuff is kinda annoying. What if...
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Front shot of JST-PH Battery Extension Cable.
By popular demand, we now have a handy extension cord for all of our JST PH-terminated battery packs (such as our LiIon/LiPoly and 3xAAA holders). One end has a JST-PH compatible...
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Front angled shot of 3 x AAA battery holder with on-off switch and 2-pin JST PH connector.
This battery holder connects 3 AAA batteries together in series for powering all kinds of projects. We spec'd these out because the box is slim, and 3 AAA's add up to about...
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Array of many colorful heatshrink tubes.
Heat shrink is the duct tape of electronics which I guess makes this heat shrink the colorful and exciting duct tape they sell at craft stores.  This heat shrink comes in six...
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Angled shot of 3 PKcell AAA batteries.
Battery power for your portable project! These batteries are good quality at a good price, and work fantastic with any of the kits or projects in the shop that use AAA's. This is a...
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1 x Clear heat shrink
Clear heat shrink to protect the LEDs

Plastic Bauble Build

1 x Plastic baubles
Plastic baubles for the plastic bauble option
1 x Washi tape
Washi tape

1 x Cardboard tube from a paper towel or toilet paper roll for each maraca

3D Printed Build

1 x 5mm x 2mm magnets
small magnets for 3D printed option
1 x Transparent PLA Filament
Transparent PLA Filament

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