Next, we'll prepare the Circuit Playground Bluefruit for use. We've written some code and prepackaged it as a .UF2 file, so it'll be really simple to get it going! (The source code for this program is here.)

First, download that CPB_Image_Transfer.UF2 file onto your computer.

Then, plug your Circuit Playground Bluetooth (CPB) into your computer via a known good USB data cable. (Not a "charge-only" cable!)

Double-click the reset button on the CPB and it will show up on your computer as drive called CPLAYBTBOOT.

Now, drag the CPB_Image_Transfer.UF2 file onto the CPLAYBTBOOT drive.

The TFT Gizmo screen will give you a status update as the Bluefruit device starts advertising.

Connect to App

Launch the Bluefruit Connect app on your mobile device.

You'll see the Bluefruit device listed as a choice, click Connect.

The TFT Gizmo display will indicate the connection has been made.

In the app, pick the Image Transfer module.

Image Module

In the image module there will be a default Adafruit flower logo image file pre-loaded. Let's send it!

If necessary, change the image resolution to 240x240 pixels, the native resolution of the TFT Gizmo screen.

Now, try uploading your own images. You can do so by clicking the Choose Image button and then either Take Photo, Camera roll, or Photo library to select an image.

Here's a video of the process in action:

Extra Credit

What if you transfer a picture of a Gizmo with a picture of a Gizmo with a picture of a Gizmo... ?

Extra Details

We've got lots more details on the Image Transfer module available here in the Bluefruit LE guide!

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