To finish this project, we'll create an automatic alert for one of the variable. For example, we want to know if the humidity falls under a given threshold, indicating that the plant needs to be watered. In Carriots, this means creating a "Listener" that will automatically send you an email when an event happens, in this case if the data crosses a given threshold. You can create a listener with the Carriots wizard:
You will be prompted to enter your email, and then to configure the listener. To test my listener, I simply entered the condition that an email will be sent if the temperature reaches 23 degrees Celsius:

I then applied some heat on the sensor, and I immediately received an email when a data point above 23 degrees was recorded:

You can also add listeners on other variables, and send an SMS to your phone instead of an email. Of course, you can find the whole code for this project on the GitHub repository of the project.

That's all for this article, keep in mind that you can use what you've learned in this guide for a lot of other fields than gardening! You can connect multiple sensors inside & outside of your home to the Carriots service, and create more complex conditions to send specific alerts based on the data you are recording. Have fun with the project, experiment with this cloud service, and share your creations!

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