Is it time for school already? Need ways to keep students engaged but on a tight budget? We have a $15.00 game show system for you based on a combination of wireless IR poppers and game show software for PC and Mac computers. All you need are 1) the Duo Pop for iPad Game , 2) a 5 volt Pro Trinket Arduino-compatible microcontroller, 3) Game Show Presenter Software (free demo version available) to create your questions as well as host your game, and 4) a little bit of time to hack and solder on the Duo Pop for iPad Receiver. Once finished with this project, you will have a popper USB receiver system that is completely hackable allowing you to interface the poppers with all kinds of other learning software for both PC and Mac computers. Are you ready to hack the Duo Pop?  Before hacking, let's discuss the parts that you will need for this project.

Use a Pro Trinket 5 Volt 16 MHz for this Project since the Virtual USB for Arduino Library is based on the UNO that operates at 16 MHz

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