You will need several items to get started and will eventually need a soldering iron. The parts list below are used for completing this project.

  1. Duo Pop for iPad Game
  2. Pro Trinket 5 Volt 
  3. Game Show Presenter Software 

Based on this list, you can build this wireless popper system with a USB receiver using a demo version of the game show software or other software that might be available to you. If interested in a preassembled kit or a preprogrammed Pro Trinket, send us an e-mail at [email protected].

We like to divide our projects into sections based on 1) Learning, 2) Building, 3) Programming, and 4) Playing.  This allows you to pick and choose which sections you want to focus on based on your previous making experiences.  Let's check out the parts list for each section.

Learning Section:

  1. Arduino Uno
  2. IR Sensor
  3. Duo Pop Poppers

Building Section:

  1. Duo Pop IR Receiver
  2. Pro Trinket
  3. Diagonal Cutters
  4. Soldering Iron
  5. Drill and 1/16 drill bit
  6. #2 x 3/8 inch Mounting Screw 

Programming Section:

  1. Setting up Arduino IDE
  2. V-USB for Arduino Library (version 5)
  3. USB cable

Playing Section:

  1. Game Show Presenter Software
  2. Completed Duo Pop USB Receiver
  3. USB cable


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