Now that we have the Arduino code needed to translate the popper IR transmissions into USB keyboard responses, it was time to modify the Duo Pop IR receiver box so that the Pro Trinket could use the existing IR sensors of the Duo Pop receiver while providng a USB out connection from the Duo Pop box.

Step One: Disassemble Duo Pop IR receiver and desolder receiver IR board. Cut holding mounts (using diagonal cutters) that held the power pushbutton and led in place  so you can place the Pro Trinket in the location of the power switch.  Drill mounting hole for Pro Trinket as shown below. A 1/16 drill bit is used to drill the hole and a #2 x 3/8 inch mounting screw is used to make sure the Pro Trinket stays secure.

Step Two:  Rewire and solder the IR sensor board wiring to the Pro Trinket as shown in image below.  The only wire that remains connected to the original IR sensor board is the red wire.  All other wires are removed, rearranged or resoldered to the original IR sensor board.

Step Three: Remount the Pro Trinket to the case.

Step Four: Remount the IR module board to the case.  Your IR to USB receiver should look similar to the picture below.

Step 5: Reassemble remaining portions of the case so you can program your newly built Duo Pop IR USB receiver module.

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