The STEMMA boards are connected to each other and the QT Py ESP32-S2 with 50mm QT to QT cables.

Plug the TSC2007's right socket into the ADXL343's right socket.

Plug the ADXL343's left socket into the QT Py ESP32-S2's STEMMA socket.

Mount the Boards

Insert M2.5 screws into the eight mounting holes in the bottom lid of the case.

Attach M2.5 stand-offs to each of the eight M2.5 screws.

Slide the QT Py ESP32-S2 into the slot on the bottom lid of the case. The QT Py's USB port should be facing out towards the open area of the lid.

Attach the ADXL343 to the four stand-offs next to the QT Py's slot with four M2.5 screws.

Attach the TSC2007 to the four remaining stand-offs with M2.5 screws.

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