This guide will show you how to use a QT Py ESP32-S2 running CircuitPython to control a Pure Data patch over WiFi. Pure Data is an open source programming language that can be used to create musical applications. It's a visual programming language that lets you drag and drop code blocks into the software interface to create the patches.

The QT Py ESP32-S2 is soldered to a charger BFF. This allows the project to run on a LiPo battery.

An ADXL343 accelerometer controls the synthesizer patch's filters. A TSC2007 and resistive touch screen are used to send notes to the synth patch.

The build is housed in a 3D printed case that can be held in your hand.


Angled shot of small square purple dev board.
What has your favorite Espressif WiFi microcontroller, comes with our favorite connector - the STEMMA QT, a chainable I2C port, and has...
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Video of a person with white painted nails unplugging a USB cable from a small, black, square-shaped lipo battery breakout board soldered to a similarly shaped microcontroller, which is also connected to a monochrome OLED display breakout. The OLED breakout displays battery and power data.
Is your QT Py all alone, lacking a friend to travel the wide world with? When you were a kid you may have learned...
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Video of a mushroom-manicured finger pressing a clear touchscreen display. The x-axis and y-axis dimensions are displayed on the connected monochrome OLED display breakout board.
Getting touchy performance with your screen's touch screen? Resistive touch screens are incredibly popular as overlays to TFT and LCD displays. Only problem is they require a bunch...
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Rectangular Resistive Touch screen with long flex cable
Want to poke at your projects? This resistive touch screen can be used with a stylus or fingertip and is easy to use with a microcontroller. You can put it over a paper overlay for a...
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Angled shot of red sensor breakout.
Analog Devices has followed up on their popular classic, the ADXL345, with this near-drop-in-replacement, the ADXL343. Like the original, this is a triple-axis accelerometer with...
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1 x USB Cable
USB A to C cable, 1 meter, purple

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