Get ready to cast your veto!

If music is playing and you press the button, it should skip to the next track.

If no music is playing and you press the button, it should begin playing.

If Spotify isn't open and you press the button, it should launch the app. Press the button again and it will begin playing.

Charge the battery every few days (it should last about 3 days on a full charge)

Improvements and Enhancements

There are a couple of ways you can build on this project. Since there are 11 unused output pins on the EZ-Key you can add a few more smaller buttons that perform other tasks like volume, muting, pause, etc. You can also add LED charge indicator lights to the outside by connecting them to the charge controller "STAT" area.

Want to control iTunes instead? It's as simple as changing your AppleScript as follows.

tell application "iTunes" to next track
Program the AppleScript to perform any number of actions on your computer like opening a new web browser, turning the page of an e-book, or even shutdown your computer!

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