Cut the openings

You'll need to make a couple of openings in your box to accommodate the button and the USB charging port.

The massive arcade button needs a 1" circular hole cut. Measure to find the center line of your box. Using a step drill bit, drill down until you reach 1".
Now drill the hole for the USB port, locating it on the back, lower right of the box using a 1/2" circular hole. Next, drill the two holes for the mounting ears that hold the USB port in place. The mounting ear holes are ~28.5mm apart.

The easiest way is to place the port on the outside and plug in a USB cable from the inside to hold it in place. Use a pencil to mark the centers of the two screw holes. Drill both holes using a 1/8" drill bit.

Attach the USB port to the box using the two screws.
Next, install the massive arcade button on the top of the box. Remove the white plastic locking nut on the bottom of the button. Place the button through the hole and tighten the locking nut from below.

For now, leave the switch and LED assembly out to make it easier to work on.

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