Pairing EZ-Key

Before we can configure the Bluefruit EZ-Key, we must first pair it with your computer. Follow the instructions for pairing in the Bluefruit EZ-Key guide.

Output Key Remapping

The Bluefruit EZ-Key comes with 12 key presses pre-configured.
  • #0 - Up Arrow
  • #1 - Down Arrow
  • #2 - Left Arrow
  • #3 - Right Arrow
  • etc..
None of these will work for us since they're common keys that we can't assign to a global hot key. Therefore, we need to reconfigure the mapping. Follow the instructions for changing the stored key presses in the EZ-Key in the Bluefruit EZ-Key Guide. Reconfigure output #0 since that's what we've wired to the button. In my case, I chose F3 as my global hot key.
Remember the hot key you choose, you'll need it in the next step.

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