Mounts for the natural keys (left) and sharp/flat keys (right).

The solenoids sit snugly in mounts that slide onto the 20x20 aluminum extrusion pieces. They are assembled using M3 screws and nuts. The sharps and flat notes, at the top of the xylophone, will have a single mount for each note. The natural notes, at the bottom of the xylophone, will use two rail mounts and three solenoid mounts together for proper spacing.

Mount Assembly for Sharps/Flats

You'll need:

  • One rail mount
  • One solenoid mount
  • Two M3 nuts
  • Two M3x10 screws 

Turn the rail mount on its side and place the two M3 nuts into their slots.

Attach the solenoid mount to the rail mount by screwing the two M3 screws into the slotted nuts.

The fully assembled single mount. Assemble 12 total.

Triple Mount for Natural Notes

You'll need:

  • Two rail mounts
  • Three solenoid mounts
  • Four M3 nuts
  • Four M3x10 screws

Take the first rail mount and place one M3 nut in the mount's slot on the right.

Attach one solenoid mount to the first rail mount using one M3 screw.

With the second rail mount, place one M3 nut in the mount's left-hand slot.

Attach one solenoid mount to the second rail mount using one M3 screw. This will leave an empty space for the third solenoid mount to be attached.

Insert M3 nuts into the two remaining slots on both rail mounts.

Attach the third solenoid mount with M3 screws so that it's sitting on top of the original solenoid mounts. Assemble 6 total.

Insert the Solenoids

Insert the solenoids into the solenoid mounts so that their wires are running up the cable channel on the mount.

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