The circuit for the xylophone lives primarily on three proto boards. These boards are mounted vertically on the 20x20 aluminum extrusions with braces and coupling plates. You can use either aluminum versions of these pieces or 3D print them.

You'll need:

  • Four double corner braces
  • Two 3 hole coupling plates
  • Five M4 screws
  • Five M3x10 screws
  • One M3x16 screw
  • One M4 nut
  • Four slim T-Nuts
  • Six M3 standoffs
  • Six M3 washers (optional)

The washers are helpful if you're using the aluminum versions of the parts, since the holes can be slightly over-sized for the M3 hardware.

Mount Prep

Take the four double corner braces, four M4 screws and four slim T-Nuts.

Attach a t-nut to one of the far holes on each double corner brace with an M4 screw.

These will eventually mount to the 20x20 extrusions.

Mount 1 Assembly

Attach an M3 standoff in the center hole of the coupling plate using an M3 screw.

Bring in one of the assembled double corner braces, one M3 standoff and the M3x16 screw.

Using the opposite far hole on the double corner brace, attach the 3 hole coupling plate with the M3x16 through the coupling plate's left hole. Attach the standoff to the screw.

The completed assembly.

Mount 2 Assembly

Attach M3 standoffs to the 3 hole coupling plate's left and right holes with M3 screws.

Using one of the assembled double corner braces, insert an M4 screw into the open far hole.

Attach the coupling plate to the corner brace using the M4 screw and the coupling plate's center hole. Secure it with an M4 nut.

Mount 3 and 4 Assembly

With the two remaining assembled corner braces, attach an M3 standoff with an M3 screw in the open far hole.

When you're finished, the four mounts should look like the four pictured below.

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