Perma-Proto Back Plate

Before mounting the Perma-Proto boards, snap on their 3D printed back plates. These will help to protect the solder points from damage and shorts.

Mount the Perma-Proto boards and plug in the solenoid motors to their respective cables. 

Mounting the ItsyBitsy's Case

Attach two M3 stand-offs with two M3 screws into two of the holes in the bottom of the case as pictured. Then, with one M4 screw and a T-Nut, mount the case to the aluminum extrusion.

A 3D printed single corner brace is secured to the side of the aluminum extrusion using an M4 screw and a T-Nut. The remaining hole from the case is secured to the corner brace with an M4 screw and M4 nut.

The ItsyBitsy's 1/4 Perma-Proto can then be mounted to the M3 stand-offs with M3 nuts.

The ItsyBitsy is ready to be powered-up to run the BLE MIDI xylophone! For best results, use an external 5V USB power supply rated for at least 2A. 

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