Parts List

STL files for 3D printing are oriented to print "as-is" on FDM style machines. Parts are designed to 3D print without any support material. Original design source may be downloaded using the links below.

  • base-foot-left.stl
  • base-foot-right.stl
  • rail-mount.stl
  • noid-mount.stl

CAD Assembly

The left and right base feet are secured to the two pieces of 2020 aluminum stock using M4 hardware screws and nuts. The rail mount is fitted into the slotted profiles. The solenoid mount is secured to the rail mount using two M3 x 10mm screws. The mini 5V solenoid is press fitted into the solenoid mount.

Solenoid Mounts

The rail and solenoid mounts feature recesses for M3 hex nuts. The slotted tabs on the solenoid mount allow for z-height adjustment. Holes in the center allow for wire and cable pass-through.

Additional Parts

In addition to the solenoid mounts and legs, there are few other 3D printed parts available:

  • itsyBitsyXyloCaseBody.stl
  • itsyBitsyXyloCaseTop.stl
  • permaProtoBackPlate.stl
  • doubleBrace.stl
  • 3-holeCouplingPlate.stl
  • singleBrace.stl

ItsyBitsy Case

The ItsyBitsy case is a snap fit case and the design is parametric. It allows for the ItsyBitsy's 1/4 Perma-Proto to be mounted at the bottom with stand-offs. Additionally, there is a hole for a USB power cable and slots on both sides for the power and I2C wires to run from the ItsyBitsy to the other Perma-Proto boards on the xylophone. Finally, a power switch is mounted at the top and the lid has a hole for the switch to mount to.

The case mounts to the 20x20 aluminum extrusion using M4 screws and T-Nuts.

Perma-Proto Back Plate

The Perma-Proto back plate snap fits onto the 1/2 Perma-Proto boards. It allows for the solder joints to be protected from any damage or shorts. The Perma-Proto's mounting holes are included on the back plate so that they can mount to the xylophone.

Double Corner Brace, Single Corner Brace and 3 Hole Coupling Plate

These parts are CAD recreations of the original aluminum versions, with the exception of the single corner brace which is custom. You can use either the 3D printed versions or the aluminum versions.

The single corner brace is used to help support the ItsyBitsy case.

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