OK you love Windows but sometimes you really have to use Linux or some other version of Windows (like, I have one dev kit that only works on windows XP!) That's where VirtualBox is really great

You can download VirtualBox from https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads

Check for Updates

Always manually check for updates, make sure you're running the latest!

Windows on Windows

You can grab an image of Windows 7 for testing - its designed for testing IE but really you can use it for anything. It's also great for testing installation procedures on clean OS's to make sure you didnt miss any dependencies

Check out all the images from Microsoft here

It 'expires' after 90 days but for most people that's perfectly fine for testing!

In particular we used it to test some of the tool installs in this very tutorial! How meta...

Uncompress and double click the IE11 - Win7.ova file

After 5-10 minutes you'll have a new entry in VirtualBox

Which you can then click to run!

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