Ever wanted to cosplay as the Wind Blowing emoji but didn't feel like you could pull it off without an interactive, light up cloud prop? Then this is the project for you! No more excuses, go out and build that costume, and add this simple prop!!

You can program your Circuit Playground Express using the visual, drag-and-drop, browser-based GUI of MakeCode -- almost no typing required! Then, add a battery and some puffy, cloud-like batting or cotton balls, and every time you blow on the cloud you can change the weather with your mother nature-like powers!

1 x Circuit Playground Express
program it with MakeCode!
1 x Lithium Ion Polymer Battery
3.7V 500mAh -- or any other capacity LiPo you like!
1 x USB Micro Lipo Charger
Tiny battery recharger, plugs into any USB port

In addition to the above parts, you'll need a milk carton or piece of cardboard, and some white tape, such as electrical tape.

If you'd like to watch the live build and walkthrough of the code, check out the livestream:

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