Now that you've programmed your Circuit Playground Express, you can prepare it for use as a prop.

While the Circuit Playground Express works just fine as the bare board that it is, you may want to cover the back before going out for a day of cosplay. You can make a cover from any non-conductive material you like, such as waxed cardboard cut from an empty milk carton, a piece of thin plastic, even wood.

Here, we'll show how to use a milk carton and some electrical tape.

  • Wash and dry your empty milk carton, then cut out a square large enough to fit the Circuit Playground Express
  • Use a pencil to trace the board onto the square
  • Use scissors to cut out the circle
  • Place the battery on the back side of the board and then plug it in. Since there's no on/off switch, you'll use this plug to disconnect and connect power, so we'll leave slack. We'll also use the wires as a ring to keep the board in hand easily
  • Put the cardboard between the board and battery
  • Wrap the perimeter with the electrical tape, then continue on to secure the battery as shown here
  • Be sure to leave the USB port uncovered so you can upload new code to it later

Note how you can now wear the board in your palm with the wires to secure it.

  • You can use a bit of double stick foam tape to secure the batting to the board
  • Be sure not to cover the microphone with the tape -- that's the little silver part next to the ear icon!

Your cloud is ready for action! Puff up the cloud to full cumulus beauty and demonstrate your mastery of mother nature's wind! You can always plug in the USB cable and reprogram it in MakeCode as you like to change the max brightness, color, or maybe even add some sound effects!

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