This project will show you how to turn an Arduino Yun into a soundboard that can be controlled from a webpage over WiFi. Prank your friends or coworkers by hiding the device nearby to remotely trigger sounds that drive them mad! Or keep the device on your desk ready to play just the right laugh track like you're living in an 80's sitcom!


You will need the following hardware for this project:
  • Arduino Yun
  • MicroSD card with at least about 20 megabytes of space available.
  • USB audio adapter or USB speakers.
    • If using USB speakers, make sure both the audio and power are transferred over USB. Some USB speakers only send power over USB and audio over a 3.5mm jack--these won't work with the Yun! I had good results with this small laptop soundbar in my project.
Before you get started you will want to have your Yun connected to your wireless network, and be familiar with connecting to the Yun over SSH. Check out the following links for more information on these topics:

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