Get out your heat gun and plug in your hot glue gun.  You'll need both tools ready in order to create a good, solid, rugged seal that will enforce your wiring and keep the strands safe.

Cut a piece of clear 1/2" heat shrink and slip it over the bottom of each strand.  Before you shrink it down, pump some hot glue in -- just enough to cover the connections and fill the end of the silicone sleeve.

Hit it with your heat gun to shrink down the heat shrink, before the glue cools fully.  If the glue squishes out all over the place, you've done it right.  Let it cool completely and then trim off any excess glue.

Do the same for the top of each strip (you'll need to slide the heat shrink on from the bottom).

Give your wires some gentle tugs.  You'll be supporting the weight of each strand on the wires, so be really sure each one is secure and solid.

Measure out your tubular crin and cut it to the length you want.  

Slide one piece of crin over each LED strip and secure it with a cable tie.  Then, using more ribbon or cable ties, secure each set of 3 strips sturdily together.  Add in any leftover crin ribbon to create a filled-out cyber-dred.

Turn the ends of all the crin pieces inside out so they don't unravel.

Insert all the wires from each cyber-dred through the cap of your wig.  One dred will have 6 wires and the other will have 4. Make sure you're happy with the placement, and add a whole bunch more zip ties to keep the dreds in place.

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