There are endless possibilities for you to create a sweet enclosure for your connected Feather, FeatherWing, and speaker. We've included this lovely little cardboard box for just this purpose. You can decorate it, cut it, modify it, bedazzle it, and make it your own!

This is just one way to get your system set up for WiFi enabled playback. You can modify this to suit your needs, such as adding the breadboard, IR receiver, and potentiometer for volume control. It's as simple as marking and cutting the cardboard with a hobby knife and then mounting your parts.

Decide where to mount your speaker.

Mark the position with a pencil.

Cut inside the lines a bit for a snug fit.

Pop in your speaker.

Feed the wires through the hole first, then tip the left side in, followed by the right -- this will allow for the cleanest fit of the wires and speaker!

For an extra secure build, use the supplied screws and nuts.

Poke a hole through at each corner.

Push the screws through, and then secure the nuts on the other side.

Insert the USB cable into the box through the side flap as seen here. You'll use it to program and power the Feather.


NOTE: Due to fluctuations in the organic, artisanal cardboard box harvest, your box may look different than the one pictured here. It is fine to modify yours as needed to route the wiring, such as the one seen in the last picture here.

Wire the speaker to the screw terminals of the Music Maker MP3 FeatherWing, and tighten the screws.

If you're mounting the Feather HUZZAH to the breadboard, do so now. You can also go breadboard-less.

Weather or not you use the breadboard, you'll want to insert your SD card. Make sure you can remove it easily for adding files to it later.

Fit the Music Maker FeatherWing onto the Feather HUZZAH.

Now, you can close up the box.

The USB cable can be used both to program and power the device. To power it from a wall outlet, plug it into the provided 5V transformer.

Feeling fancy? Great, me too! Decorate your player with the provided collectable enamel pin!!

You can also get super duper fancy and use different speakers and boxes for your WiFi Music Alert Box, as seen here.

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