This page covers how to solder up and assemble this project. It's only a few steps, as the build is quite simple.

If you need help with soldering, check out this guide for more details.

Wiring Diagram

Use this diagram for reference while soldering and assembling.


There is very little soldering needed!

Solder or otherwise solidly attach two wires to your Feather ESP32 V2. The wires should be attached from the top through to the bottom. This means soldering from the bottom of the Feather.

The first wire attaches to pin D27. The second wire attaches to the GND pin.

The colors of the wires don't matter, but using black on the ground pin can help avoid confusion, if that's something you're already used to.

Trim any unnecessary excess wire from the bottom of the Feather. The image shows D27 trimmed, but not GND.


The next sections walk through the assembly process.

Reed Switch

Strip the ends of the wire opposite the Feather end. Prepare them to connect to your reed switch.

In the case of the switch used to demonstrate this project, it means preparing them to attach to via screws. You would want to make hook shaped curls on the end of the wires to hold them steady on the screw as you tighten it.

  • Connect the wire attached to D27 to the normally closed terminal on your reed switch.
  • Connect the wire attached to GND to the common terminal on your reed switch.

WiFi Antenna

Grab your WiFi antenna, find the w.FL connector end. This is the end that matches the connector on your Feather.

Carefully press the antenna connector onto the Feather connector. Be patient - these connectors are tiny and it can sometimes take a few tries to get them fitted.

The w.FL connectors are super small! It might take a few tries to get it to connect. Be patient - this is normal!


Plug the battery JST connector into the Feather JST connector.

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