Once you have the code on your Feather, and you've tested that everything is working successfully, it's time to install the hardware into your mailbox.

For a smooth installation experience, follow these steps in order. It's definitely possible to install things out of order, but the order below helps make things a bit simpler.

Attach your adhesive to the back of the Feather and the back of the battery.

As you will eventually need to swap the battery or update CircuitPython on the Feather, it's best to mount them in a way that they are secure, but easily removed.

This build uses Command Small Picture Hanging Strips for mounting each piece of hardware that is attached to the Feather.

Mount the Feather and the battery to the back of the mailbox, to ensure they are out of the way of incoming mail.

Mount the reed switch just inside the mailbox door, on the side of the mailbox. 

The reed switch and the magnet will need to align when the mailbox door is closed for the code to know when the door is closed. Keep in mind the magnet will be mounted on the mailbox door. It's best to use the magnet to help determine where best to mount the switch. You can temporarily tape the magnet to the switch for alignment purposes.

Mount the magnet on the mailbox door, ensuring alignment with the mounted switch. You can use something permanent to mount the magnet, as it is not attached to the Feather, and does not need to be removed when working with the rest of the hardware.

The magnet was mounted using a bit of a trick. The method used for this demonstration may not work in your situation due to a number of variables, for example, your mailbox door isn't completely flat. The trick is included here in case it will help you with your build.

The magnet here was mounted by applying adhesive to the side that would attach to the mailbox door, placing the magnet (adhesive side up) on the switch so they are aligned properly, and closing the mailbox door. The adhesive attached to the door, and lightly mounted the magnet. Pressure was applied to solidify the mount.

Mount the WiFi antenna towards the back, near the Feather. You can tuck the cable between the antenna, the Feather, and the battery, to keep it out of the way.

Secure the loose wires to ensure they remain out of the way of incoming mail. Be sure to secure them to the same side of the mailbox as the switch is mounted.

The wires here are secured using duct tape, but any tape that can handle the potential temperatures in your mailbox will work.

The install is complete!

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