The reason the code for this project send battery voltage to Adafruit IO every twelve hours is to provide a sort of heartbeat for you to track. The idea is that, if the battery-voltage feed stops updating for a specified duration, you'll get a notification. At that point, it's probably worth checking on the hardware in your mailbox to verify that there aren't any issues (battery low/disconnected, antenna disconnected, etc).

Feed Notifications are a feature built into the Adafruit IO Feeds. For each feed, you can click to view it. You'll find all your data, and you'll also find the Notifications set up. This feature allows you to turn on the notification, and choose a duration for how long the feed must go without an update before you receive the notification. These notifications are sent via email.

Battery Voltage Feed Notification Set Up

In Adafruit IO, click Feeds in the black menu bar.

From the Feeds list, click the battery-voltage feed.

On the battery-voltage feed page, click Notifications.

The Update Feed Notifications window looks like this when opened.

You'll want to update the Notification Status to ON.

You can leave the Notification Timeout as 3 days (default). Alternatively, you can update it to a different timeframe that works for you. Don't make it less than 12 hours, or you'll get the notification repeatedly.

Once you've turned the notification on, and decided on a duration, click Create.

Now, when you look at the battery-voltage feed page, you'll see the following for Notifications. If it resembles the image shown here, you're ready to go!

Feed Notification Email

If your battery-voltage feed is quiet for the duration you specified above, you'll receive an email that looks something like the following. If that last value received was less than 3.5V, then almost certainly your battery needs to be swapped/charged. If it's above that, then something else may have gone wrong. Time to look into it!

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