Making one jellyfish lamp is fun. Making multiple jellies and syncing them together is much more fun. This is really easy to do with WLED.

There are three methods for doing this:

1. Add more LED strips on the same controller

WLED will support up to 3 strips on the same controller, soldered to different pins. You can control the strips together or individually.

2. Add more pixels to the same strip

Alternatively, you can solder a wire to the D0 (data out) pin on your NeoPixel strip and run it to a second NeoPixel strip's DI (data in) pin. You'll need to connect power and ground as well. Think of it as one strip that's been cut into sections with wire running between them - it still acts as one strip, just with some extra space between the pixels.

I made 50 jellyfish and wired them all together as a large scale art installation.

3. Sync Multiple Controllers Together

WLED will find multiple controllers on the same network and sync them together. Using this method, you can place multiple jellyfish in different locations (as long as they're within around 400 feet of each other) and the jellyfish will "talk" to each other. Your WLED animations will run on all the controllers, without having to wire them together. 

This type of thing used to be difficult to achieve, but it's really easy in WLED.

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