Traveling or on the road, sometimes finding an open network to get online and finish a job is more important than lunch or a nap. MASLOW (Mini Adafruit System Locates Open Wireless) is a tiny battery-powered WiFi detector with a 3D-printed enclosure…assemble one yourself and clip it to your laptop bag.

How does it work?

In this project, we’re making a portableWiFi hotspot finder using the Adafruit CC3000 and Pro Trinket micro-controller. The CC3000 is a WiFi breakout board that adds connectivity to your micro-controller projects.

5 total modes indicate the status. When the LED starts flickering fast, it’s scanning for WiFi networks. A slow blink indicates an open network is in range. 1 second blips mean closed networks only, and 4 second blips means no WiFi networks.

Prerequisite Guides

We recommend walking-through the following tutorials below before starting this project. These guides will help you get familiar with the components and get setup and configured with the Arduino IDE and libraries.


We have all the lovely components and tools to build this project. Be sure to check out the featured products on the right sidebar.

Tools & Supplies

You'll need a couple of hand tools and accessories to assist you in the build. 

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