This project is a great example of how to build a server that can remotely monitor a sensor over WiFi with an Arduino and the CC3000. There are lots of interesting ways you can extend this project, such as:
  • Use a strain gauge to measure how much weight is in the candy bowl and calculate exactly how many pieces of candy are inside.
  • Continuously pulse the IR LED and sensor to count how often a hand reaches into the candy bowl.
  • Have the CC3000 send tweets when the candy bowl is full or empty.
  • Decorate the bowl with LEDs wired to a free digital pin and add a command to remotely blink or flash the LEDs from the telnet server.
  • Make a simple web server to display the status of the candy bowl in a web browser. See the Arduino Ethernet library WebServer example for the basic code you can make work with the CC3000 library.
Have fun with the WiFi candy bowl monitor project!

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