Add the Fish Eye graphics and config.eye file (linked in the green button below) to your MONSTER M4SK as per the quickstart instructions.

I made these graphics to look pretty fish-like and I turned off the lids so there's no blinking! You can see in the config file below that they've also got very large pupils.

  "eyeRadius"     : 125,
  "eyelidIndex"   : "0x00", // From table:
  "pupilColor"    : [ 0, 0, 0 ],
  "backColor"     : [ 0, 0, 0 ],
  "irisTexture"   : "fish_eyes/iris_fish.bmp",
  "scleraTexture" : "fish_eyes/sclera_fish.bmp",
  //"upperEyelid"   : "hazel/upper.bmp",
  //"lowerEyelid"   : "hazel/lower.bmp",
  "irisRadius"    : 120,
  "pupilMin" : 0.4,
  "pupilMax" : 0.5,
  "left" : {
  "right" : {

Be sure to place the config.eye file at the root level of the MONSTER M4SK and then press the reset button to see your changes.

Mask Prep

Next we'll prepare our rubber fish head mask for the eye transplant.

Eye Sockets

Start by removing the plastic, glued-on eyes if your mask has them.

Next, cut out the existing eye holes -- I found those to be a bit too small to fit the lenses, so I marked a circle the same size as the lenses by using a lens holder as a guide.

If you don't have a lens holder as reference, print and cut out the template below to for a circle sized for marking.


Test your lens fit and adjust if needed. You can always make the hole bigger, so be careful to trim away small amounts at a time.

The exposed, unpainted rubber is a bit noticeable, so you can paint or color over the edge using a marker.

Repeat all the above steps for the other eye, then it's time to add the lenses.

Glue the Lenses In Place

Flip the mask inside out and get ready to glue in the lenses.

First, clean off any powder from the eye socket area using isopropyl alcohol and a cloth or shop towel.

Then, do a test fit of the lens into the socket.

Use a small dowel or other applicator to add a thin bead of glue around the lip of the lens, then press the lens into place.

You can also add glue to the mask and blend it into the rim of the lens, just try to keep it off of the flat part of the lens that'll be in contact with the screen.

Now, let the glue dry for at least 12 hours before proceeding. Once it's dried, you can scrape off any bits of glue that may have made it onto the flat side of the lens, so don't panic if you make a bit of a mess like I did here!

Board Mounting

Once you've glued in the lenses to both eye sockets, it's time to mount the boards in place with the screens centered in the lenses. The easiest way I've found it to use strong Velcro. This allows you room for adjustment, is strong enough to hold the boards in place indefinitely, and you can remove them if needed.

Add Velcro

Cut three small strips of adhesive backed Velcro per eye, and then array the pile side strips as shown. Press them each down firmly into the rubber of the mask for thirty seconds so they are very well adhered.

Add the complimentary hook side Velcro strips to the PCB of the MONSTER M4SK boards as shown, again pressing firmly for a strong bond.

Press the strips together to mount.

Repeat for the other eye.

Flip the mask back to the outside out position (inside in?) and you can adjust the positioning of each eye to align them just right.

You'll still be able to reach the on/off button, and can even plug into USB for charging the battery.

Time to put on your mask and go be your best fish headed self!

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