A question that is often asked is, "How do I learn Python?" Obviously, there's no canonical answer because everyone learns in different ways. To that end, though, this page contains a list of links that can at least help you get started.

Python for Beginner Non-Programmers

Links in this section are for folks who are entirely new to programming and are interested in beginning with Python.

Python for Programmers

Links in this section are for folks who are new to Python, but not new to programming in general.

Python FAQs

These are FAQs from the official Python documentation.

Basic FAQs:

Advanced FAQs:

Python Success Stories

You may be wondering, "What can I do with Python?" The Python folks have provided an extensive list of real-life applications of Python.

You can also refer to the Adafruit Learning System for dozens upon dozens of CircuitPython programs used in real projects. Feel free to reuse any code you wish, it is Open Source.

Final Note

This list of resources is not exhaustive by any stretch of the imagination. It is meant to provide you with a place to start.

If you're trying to learn Python, and you're having trouble, don't be discouraged! Everyone learns in different ways and at their own pace. If you're working through something, and the way it's presented not sinking in, don't be afraid to look for a different resource. Be sure to stick with it until you find your own style!

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