is a cloud service - that just means we run it for you and you don't have to manage it. You can connect to it over the Internet. It's meant primarily for storing and then retrieving data but it can do a lot more than just that!

What can Adafruit IO do for me?

  • Display your data in real-time, online
  • Make your project internet-connected: Control motors, read sensor data, and more!
  • Connect projects to web services like Twitter, RSS feeds, weather services, etc.
  • Connect your project to other internet-enabled devices
  • The best part? All of the above is do-able for free with Adafruit IO

Dashboards can handle and visualize multiple feeds of data. Want to display data from a temperature-humidity sensor alongside data from an air quality sensor and add a button to turn on the air-conditioner in your room?

No problem! Dashboards are a feature integrated into Adafruit IO which allow you to chart, graph, gauge, log, and display your data. You can view your dashboards from anywhere in the world. 


Use actions in Adafruit IO to control and react to your data. Configure actions to email you when your system goes offline, react to a temperature sensor getting too hot, and publish a message to a new feed.  

Integration with IFTTT and Zapier

Want to make your project react to an email, display trending tweets, or turn on the front lights when your pizza is on the way? We baked in integrations with IFTTT and Zapier to connect your project's sensors to hundreds of web services.  

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