Adafruit IO Basics

Todd Treece has put together seven guides using Adafruit IO for input, temperature, humidity, servo control, and so much more:

Digital Input: Wire a circuit to send momentary button press data to your Adafruit IO Dashboard

Digital Output: Turn on a LED or a lamp from anywhere in the world!

Color: Send data from Adafruit IO to control a RGB LED. 

Temperature and Humidity: Send humidity and temperature values from a DHT22 sensor to Adafruit IO 

Analog Output: LED and other analog hardware control from Adafruit IO.

Analog Input: Send light sensor data in real-time and view it using using Adafruit IO.

Servo Control: Move physical objects...without wires!

Adafruit IO on the Adafruit Learning System

The Adafruit Learning System is also a great place to find learning guides which answer the age-old maker question of "what do I build next?".

Here are some of our favorite guides using Adafruit IO:


Build a physical mailbox for your emails using Adafruit IO and IFTTT

Adafruit IO Environmental Monitor for Feather or Raspberry Pi

Build an internet-enabled environmental monitor to see what's in the air you breathe using Arduino

Adafruit IO Home: Lights and Temperature

Learn all about home automation by building a cardboard smart-house, controlling its lights, and monitoring temperature!

Home Automation in the Cloud with the ESP8266 & Adafruit IO

Build a simple home automation system & control it from anywhere!

Cloud Cam: Internet-Connected Security Camera

Build a camera that detects motion and sends images to cloud services like Dropbox & Adafruit IO!

Smart Toilet Light

Make your toilet bowl glow with data from Adafruit IO!

Adafruit IO Projects on the Blog!

The Adafruit Blog is also a good resource for finding your next project. Check out the Adafruit IO blog posts here!

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