MiniPOV4 Assembly

Ensure you follow the instructions for assembling the minPOV4 kit! The only different step you'll need to do is soldering the wires to Power. Don't solder the 3-AAA battery cable to the miniPOV4. Instead we'll be using a JST cable with female connector.

On-board JST Cable

Shorten a JST cable with a female JST connector to about 40mm long. Strip the ends of the positive and negative wires and solder them into the RED and BLACK pins of the MiniPOV4.

Slide Switch Adapter

Short a JST extension cable to about 10mm long by cutting the positive and negative cables with wire cutters. Use wire stripers to strip the ends of the positive and negative wires. Apply a bit of rosin to the stripped ends and tin the tips of the wires. Add a piece of shrink tubing to the negative wire and solder them together by holding them in place with a third-helping-hand.
Apply rosin to two of the terminals and tin them. Use a third-helping-hand to hold the slide switch. Add a piece of heat shrink tubing to the two terminals. Solder the positive wire to the terminals of the slide switch.

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