500mAh Lithium Polymer Battery

Wrap it in gaffers tape to protect the surface from being punctured or damaged (they can easily get nicked, be careful!). Carefully insert it into the minipov-top.stl part with the power cable facing away from the potentiometer.

Installing Slide Switch

Insert the slide switch into the enclosure by wedging it through the clips slide-ways. Carefully use an x-acto knife to loosen the tolerances if needed. You can press on the outside of the enclosure to insert slide switch cut through the cutout.
The slide switch is secured in place by the two clips on the inside of the enclosure. These clips prevent the slide switch from being pushed all the way inside the enclosure.

Mounting MiniPOV4

Insert the MiniPOV PCB into the minipov-top.stl at an angle with the USB inserted first. Ensure the JST cable isn't in the way of the potentiometer. Position the PCB into the enclosure.
Line up the mounting holes of minipov-bottom-armband.stl with the ones on the miniPOV and press it down to snap it shut. Use 4 Phillips screws to mount the miniPOV4 to the enclosure .

Potentiometer Extension

Carefully flatten the tip of the minipov-potknob.stl with flat pliers. Line up the tip of the minipov-potknob.stl with the blue potentiometer on the miniPOV. Carefully infix the knob into the cutout of the minipov-top.stl part.

Adding Armband

Insert the tabs at the ends of armband-tabs.stl and armband-holes.stl into the hoops of the minpov-bottom-armband.stl part by pressing the tabs through the loops on the side of the enclosure.
The tabs are long enough to secure the enclosure around your arm. To remove the straps just tug on the tabs and pull them out.
The two straps are held together by pressing the pins through the hole cutouts. The total length of the arm band(including the enclosure) measures to 300mm(11.8').

Wear It

Power it on and go for a night run! Ride your bike or skateboard and paint the night with light!

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