PLA Filament

%10 Infill
2 Shells
0.02 Layer Height
90/150 speeds

About 2-3 Hours

Ninjaflex Filament

Ninjaflex @230
0.2 layer height
45/50 speeds
2 shells
10% infill
About 1 hour

MiniPOV4 Armband

The armband is a 2 straps that are both strong and very flexible that is optimized to print in Ninjaflex filament. The straps are held in place to the bottom of the box by pressing the tabs through the loops on the side of the enclosure. The two straps are held together by pressing the two pins through the hole cutouts.
Print armband STLs in Ninjaflex only
Print minipov-top.stl with support material

MiniPOV4 Enclosure

The enclosure is a 2-piece design that is optimized to print in PLA material. You have the option to print the enclosure to include the hoops for the armband or without. minipov-bottom-armband.stl includes the hoops, minipov-bottom.stl does not.

Removing Support

Carefully use Flat Pliers to remove the support material on the minipov-top.stl part. You will need to remove all of the support in order for all of the components to fit inside the enclosure.
Be careful not to break the enclosure while removing support material!

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