Plug the jumper extension cables into the pins of the water sensor. Connect the other ends of the jumper cable to the jumper end of the Stemma cable.

  • Be sure to connect the corresponding water sensor pins to the correct color of the stemma pins.
  • The (-) pin on the sensor connects to the BLACK cable from the stemma connector for GND
  • The (+) pin connects to the RED cable for POWER
  • The (S) pin connects to WHITE cable for DATA.
  • Plug the stemma cable into the A2 slot at the bottom right side of the back of the board.
  • The front will have the input labeled as A2.

How does it work?

The sensor has a very lightly biased transistor that is connected to two long sets of interlocking traces. When a little bit of water/condensation lands on the PCB and touches two of the traces, the transistor will turn on, setting the output pin high. 

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